Thank you Temerty Foundation

A warm welcome to the temerty foundation

Welcome to the Chancellors’ Circle of Benefactors.

This recognition society celebrates the extraordinary leadership of a distinguished group—just over 100 families, individuals and organizations who have each made contributions of $5 million or more to the University of Toronto.

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Your gift—to support discovery, collaboration, innovation, equity and student well-being at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine—builds on your long-standing generosity toward health care and marks the start of a new era in Canadian medicine. It will advance human health and health care as the University and its hospital partners work to solve the world’s greatest medical problems, from the current pandemic to the challenges of the future.

Thank you for your leadership, your faith in us, and our shared vision of health and health care that helps as many Canadians as possible.

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A lasting tribute to your generosity

The University of Toronto recognizes our most generous benefactors by engraving your names on the stone installation in Simcoe Hall—the historic centre of the University. At the next opportunity, we will add the name of the Temerty Foundation.

Each donor joins their peers on the installation chronologically, after fulfilling $5 million or more in giving.

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Reach out to learn more

We are delighted to assist you, should you have questions or wish to learn more about the Chancellors’ Circle of Benefactors.

Katherine Needham

Director, Donor Relations


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Your generous action was extraordinary and we want to share that story. In the days to come, we will email you the biography we have prepared, celebrating your gift and its impact. Once you approve it, we will share it on the Chancellors’ Circle of Benefactors website. In the meantime, please enjoy exploring the biographies of your fellow donors.

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