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Welcome to the Chancellors’ Circle of Benefactors.

This recognition society celebrates the extraordinary leadership of a distinguished group—just over 100 families, individuals and organizations who have each made contributions of $5 million or more to the University of Toronto.

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As a visionary benefactor to the University of Toronto, Merck Canada’s longstanding partnership has supported research that has led to extraordinary innovations in science and medicine. Research you have funded has enabled enormous progress—building stronger communities, changing countless lives and creating unlimited potential for the health of people everywhere.

Thank you for your commitment. Your immeasurable impact will be felt for generations to come.

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A lasting tribute to your generosity

The University of Toronto recognizes our most generous benefactors by engraving your names on the stone installation in Simcoe Hall—the historic centre of the University.

Each donor joins their peers on the installation chronologically, after fulfilling $5 million or more in giving. At the next opportunity after you reach this milestone, we will add the name of Merck Canada.

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We are delighted to assist you, should you have questions or wish to learn more about the Chancellors’ Circle of Benefactors.

Katherine Needham

Director, Donor Relations


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Your company’s vision and commitment have been extraordinary and we want to share that story. In the days to come, we will email you the biography we have prepared, celebrating your giving and its impact. Once you approve it, we will share it on the Chancellors’ Circle of Benefactors website. In the meantime, please enjoy exploring the biographies of your fellow donors.

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